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Their goal is to be open in Spring of ’08. It could be a very useful service if everything goes as planned:

Mobility Air Transport – Personal or Business Travel for persons using wheelchairs!

* Travel in Business Jets! and corporate planes, specially modifiedfor accessibility and comfort
* LOW Fares! equal to average airlines’ coach fares
* No Wheelchair Damage!extra care for your chair instead of getting damaged before, during, or after the flight
* Room for service dogs!companion pets, or service monkeys right next to you
* Smaller Airports!closer to your departing or arriving destinations

Turning miserable air travel into WONDERFUL air travel! –
Mobility Air Transport

I came across this site the other day and it seems quite useful. It doesn’t have every location but the ones it does have are researched very extensively with in depth review and explanation of the locations accessibility.

In their words:

DisabledGo provides free detailed access information for disabled people across the UK. Our detailed access information will empower you to judge the disabled access to venues for yourself. See examples of our access guides for hotels, cinemas, restaurants, tourist attractions, pubs, train stations, leisure centres and universities. has published a new book covering accessible travel: “Access Anything: I Can Do That”

Access Anything: I Can Do That Book Cover An inspirational guide to traveling, adventuring, and sporting with a disability, Access Anything: I Can Do That dives into the incredible world of adaptive sports and recreation by showcasing 45 different sports that have been adapted for people with disabilities. This one-of-a-kind guide also features essential disability travel information and tips for traveling by airplane, car/rental car, charter bus, cruise ship, and train. As an added bonus, I Can Do That! includes six inspirational interviews with world-class adaptive athletes who have helped to change the face of adaptive sports.

They are also the publishers of – “Access Anything: Colorado” which is a complete access guide for the state of Colorado. Please see there website as they have a lot of information to offer –

Thank you to GoAfricaSafaris & Travel for sending me the pictures below. Please see their website for more information on what they have to offer travelers looking for a real adventure!

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GoAfricaSafaris & TravelGoAfricaSafaris & Travel GoAfricaSafaris & TravelGoAfricaSafaris & TravelGoAfricaSafaris & TravelGoAfricaSafaris & TravelGoAfricaSafaris & TravelGoAfricaSafaris & Travel

For Our Disabled Customers with Limited Mobility….

handicap equipment deliveryWe offer all of our same great services to our disabled customers, but with just a touch extra.  The Luggage Club can ship wheelchairs, walkers or any other mobility-assisted equipment to one’s travel destination to help maintain your quality of life, all at discounted prices.

The Luggage Club is the only baggage and goods delivery service that caters specifically to the traveler with limited mobility. We understand the challenges and difficulties that physically challenged people face when traveling and The Luggage Club is committed to making all of your travel experiences as convenient as possible.

Please register today and see the great program that we have arranged just for you. It’s quick and easy, and you will be able to eliminate the hassles of transporting all your baggage and goods from your home or business to the airport, train, bus, cruise line or car.

Once you have registered, you will find additional savings as well as extra services available from TLC to assist your requirements.

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This review was emailed to me September 26, 2007:

Recently we spent a week in Hervey Bay in Australia. Off course the highlight of our trip was whale watching, even though one of us is in a wheelchair. The crew of Quick Cat 2 were very considerate in advising us to postpone our outing by a day, due to the rough conditions. The 18th of September was indeed much smoother, and we had an ample display of whale activity.

We sincerely appreciate the help and care received from the skipper and crew. The cruise was a great experience for us all.


Paul, Kathleen & Michael V

Hervey Bay Whale Watch website

This review was emailed to me in August 2005:

Main dining room accessible but expensive. Irish pub accessible and prices reasonable. One block from wheelchair accessible subway station. 10 min. ride to White House, Capitol, Smithsonian Museums. Located on Dupont Circle many outdoor cafes, restaurants, antiques, bookstores, embassies. WARNING.. D.C. HAS NO WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE TAXIS! They allow w/ch accessible taxis from surrounding areas to pick you up at the airport and drop off at D.C. hotels. Same with taking you to the airport but they cannot pick you up in D.C. and drop you in D.C. You must make taxi arrangements in advance or it may be impossible to get one.


Anna P.

Jurys Washington Hotel InformationTripAdivsor Reviews

This review was emailed to me in December 2005 from Adrian S.:

Paris on Wheels in Middleton, New Jersey – This company is actually one man, Mr. Guzman, an American. While in Paris I did walking tours with him (he pushed me in my chair), and he referred me to another good company (great service) with whom I did van tours of Paris, Versailles, and Normandy. He knows accessible Paris like no one else I’ve come across. I believe he also does work as a travel companion for trips to Paris and other places. This company was outstanding!


Adrian S.

Paris on Wheels website

The review was emailed to me in May 2005 from Gail S:

When I called this motel for a reservation (in 2006, not 2005; this system wouldn’t let! me choose 2006), I was assured that there was a handicap-accessible room. I was unhappily surprised to arrive at the motel and find out that neither the room nor the office of the motel were accessible (steps up into each). Additionally, my traveling companion looked at the room and told me that the only grab bar in the bathroom was designed to be used by someone standing up (it was above her height of 5’1″). I had to find another lodging at the last minute and when I later contacted the hotel to complain, the manager was verbally abusive and unconcerned about the lack of customer service and honesty. This is a place to avoid at all costs.


Gail S.

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Dear Jeremy,

I have a physical disability and am unable to bear any weight on my legs. I recently visited Becco’s for lunch and want to suggest it to other people who are going to NYC and have similar limitations as I do.

Since they have steps to enter, I had to call ahead to let them know when I would arrive. Once I called they were happy to put out their ramp. They were not only physically accommodating of my needs(they have a large bathroom with a high toilet), but they were helpful in other ways. After eating I needed directions to another location. The server immediately went online and gave me directions and suggested bus routes to my destination.

Susan S.

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