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Easy Access Chicago - Accessible Access GuideIn conjunction with the Open Doors Association the city of Chicago has released a new access guide – “Easy Access Chicago.”

It has information on the accessibility of transportation, lodgings, restaurants, sporting events, theatres , tours, attractions, and more.

Visit there website,, for the details where you can view the information online, download the PDF version, or order a hard copy.

I wanted to let everyone know about a new tour operator that is now listed on The company is Christianakis Travel LTD and they specialize in accessible travel all around Greece.Here are the services they provide:
Hotel Packages for all the Greek Islands, Ship Tickets, Air Tickets, Transfers, Luxurious Coach Rentals, Car Rentals, Dinner Shows with Transportation from-and-to hotel, Ski Programs, Cruises, Weddingmoons, Travel Insurance, Maps and Travel Guide

If you are a looking for an accessible tour operator in or around Greece please visit there site for more information –

christinakis2.jpgAccessible Travel in GreeceAccessible Travel in GreeceAccessible Travel in Greece courtesy of Christianakis Travel

I wanted to let everyone know that my wife and I had a baby girl – Sophie Marie on January 10, 2008. She was 8lbs 3oz and healthy as can be so we are enjoying her immensely at home right now. Jodi is also doing very well.

sophies-1st-few-days-56.JPG sophie.jpg

I want to welcome Jean Newell who has created the “PUP” or the Personal Utility Pouch as a new advertiser on the website. She originally created it to hold the various gadgets, wallets, and travel documents that we carry around with us all day. However, she has noticed that some of the people who enjoy it the most are wheelchair and walker users who need quick access to a cell phone, pda, iPod or mp3 player, but cannot easily reach there pockets or bulky purses. That is when she contacted me to get the word out for disabled travelers. The PUP has already been featured on QVC, Washington Post, and Jean has just appeared on the “Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch on CNBC this past November.

The PUP has 4 open pockets for gadgets, pen, paper, etc. and 2 zippered pouches for extra important items like passport, wallet, or other travel documents. It allows for very easy access and can be worn either around your waist (like a fanny pack), around your shoulder or chest. Please check out her website at for more details as they come in 6 different colors and cost only $17.95 which is very reasonable considering it is made from poly blend denier like most luggage and is machine washable. The PUP is very stylish and can be worn by both men and women and keeps you from looking like a tourist, unlike the classic “fanny pack.” Type in the code “VIP traveler” into the discount code box when ordering and receive free shipping of $4.50.

From Jean – “Here’s some of the comments I’ve heard from my special needs customers. People with arthritis or dexterity like the open pouches for their easy access and the parachute clip is large enough to grasp. People with canes and walkers like the waist accessibility as over the shoulder bags are too difficult to carry. Individuals in wheel chairs like the fact they can wear it across their body or on their waist and it doesn’t interfere with operating their chair”

pup2.jpg pup3.jpgpup4.jpg

Watch 3 minute YouTube Commercial – “The PUP, a convenient way to carry your travel essentials”

Alaska to Zambia –  USHUAIA TO ULURU!

Walt BalenovichThe author, Walt Balenovich, of “Travels In A Blue Chair” just wrote me and asked if I could help get the word out about this wonderful new book he wrote. So here is the information as it sounds extremely interesting. –

Walt began to travel as a bench-warming athlete and coach, in wheelchair basketball, rugby and sledge hockey, and as a volunteer in disabled sports, as the Athletic Director of the Niagara District Wheelchair Sports Association and V.P. of Development for the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association.

Walt has spent parts of the last 15 years traveling the world, including all of the world’s habitable continents. After writing emails home to friends and family outlining the often hilarious adventures and problems that came up while on holiday, the comment was invariably the same – “YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK”! So he has.

Why not cuddle up with Walt tonight and read a few stories before bedtime? You are sure to enjoy them!


I wanted to share this email with you as it is great information for visitors looking for accessible travel in Spain.

As a disabled person ( I have MS) living in Barcelona I have developed Shoreside Services for cruise ship passengers that now cover the main ports of Spain and the Balearic Islands. The provision for disabled passengers is more or less non-existent in terms of shoreside activities such as excursions in adapted vehicles, assistance for deaf persons with guides who can sign, etc.

Having worked extensively with Accessible Barcelona owned by Craig Grimes as a subcontracted excursion operator specializing in tours for the disabled within Barcelona. I have now branched out to cover Spain and the Balearic Islands offering services to disabled travelers via the port ground handlers with whom I have exclusive rights to offer the following:

Those Shoreside Services that my company are able to offer to PSA, Seatrade Cruise Members & Specialist Agencies, and the individual traveler throughout Spanish ports consists of:

Just wanted to let everyone know about a new site that was emailed to me for accessible travel information in South Africa.

In their words:


Welcome to this website for the discerning traveller with a wheelchair or special needs regarding facilities and accommodation for people with disabilities. A specialist in wheelchair training evaluates wheelchair accommodation and accessibility. We are also gathering information regarding wheelchair-friendly tourist attractions and your assistance will be appreciated – please send us your recommendations!

Every establishment on this website has been personally evaluated by an Occupational Therapist with 22 years experience and team of specialists to ensure that you have the correct and necessary information at hand. The photographs and short summary will assist you to ensure that your choice of wheelchair accommodation is accessible for all types of wheelchairs.

Many establishments advertise themselves as being wheelchair-friendly accommodation, but might not be suitable for your particular needs. Only 22,7% is wheelchair-friendly to a reasonable degree. A wheelchair picture does not guarantee you access to the bathroom and “wheelchair friendly” does not necessarily mean wheelchair accessible!

Our trustworthy advice will ensure your choice of the best accommodation to suit your special needs.

Have a whale of a time wherever you go!

Disability Consultant: Please contact us for assistance if you wish to upgrade your establishment to meet the necessary criteria for accessibility.”