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iBot Wheelchair

Some California soldiers wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting much more than a purple heart. They’re also getting some new wheels. They’ll now by riding around in an iBOT wheelchair. It’s made by the same guy who makes Segways. It’s like most powered wheelchairs except it can climb stairs, travel through thick terrain, and best of all, rise up on two wheels.

“Why couldn’t we use the 21st century that we use to make auto pilot and gyro stabilized equipment, put it in a device to help a disabled person regain the capability to stand up, look people in the eye and essentially be able to walk around, go up and down stairs and have their independence back, and we did it,” says iBOT designer Dean Kamen.

The iBOT costs $26,000 each. But they were free for the veterans since the money was donated by a group of California business owners.

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