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Today on Disabled Travelers we’ll tackle a question that seems to be on the minds of lots and lots of readers: handicapped travel in Africa. Now, I’ve mentioned Africa here and there in some of my earlier posts on adventure travel, but I really had no idea just how many of you were looking to take this trip. For travel that’s “a world away” I can’t think of anything more challenging than this – and that’s great! The greatest challenges lead to the greatest rewards, and I know our readers don’t shy away from either!

For disabled access Africa, I’m going to do my best to get a smattering of disabled travel resources that aren’t all confined to one place. Obviously, conditions differ from country to country (this is almost 12 million square miles we’re talking about, here!) so consider this an ongoing project; a cyber-safari, if you will, to prepare for your real one.

By far the best, best, best way to make this particular trip is to hook up with a good tour operator. They can give you step-by-step information on preparing and making the most of your trip. And when it comes to wheelchair accessible tour operators, who better than Accessible Journeys? They’re one of the pioneers, and their African safari programs are still running strong after a lot of success. They go to Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa on an irregular schedule. You can always get in touch with them to find out the latest itinerary!

“AJ” is a great company, but they do a lot of different things. If you’re looking for a business specifically devoted to accessible African travel (and why not?) check out Endeavour Safaris. Endeavour has something for everyone, and I mean everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed pace, need mobility impaired access, or have a hearing or vision handicap, Endeavour Safari has just the right accommodations to get you on an enjoyable adventure in South Africa. Endeavour has a lot of good information posted, tailored to your specific need, so you can really get a good sense of whether it’s right for you.

Accessible African Safaris is another great tour operator offering accommodations for wheeled travelers and those who require mobility assistance from a cane or walker. They provide seven-day tours through Kenya including stops at the world-famous Masai Mara nature preserve and Lake Nakuru National Park. Access Africa has a special claim to fame, as it seeks to provide specialized accommodations to reproduce some of the comforts of home. The purpose-built Ekuthuleni lodge includes features such as roll-in showers and wheelchair accessible construction. And yes, there’s even one more tour operator dedicated to disability travel in Africa that I know of – Go Africa, which offers custom-tailored itineraries to make Kenya and Tanzania accessible for all.

The fantastic site Safari Guide Africa is geared to that need so many people have to explore the wild and wonderful reaches of this continent. Their awesome article “African Safaris for Disabled People” is an absolute must-read. It covers just about everything you can imagine; tips across the spectrum of physical challenges, plus info on equipment, choosing the right safari lodge, and more. Last, but not least, check out these two related articles: general safari tips from Disabled World and a Pilansburg, South Africa travelogue provided by Gimp on the Go – who also has plenty of other wonderfully illustrated and super-detailed travelogues from the handicapped travel perspective.

Now, I know some of you must be thinking “But, Si, Egypt is in Africa, too; what about that?” Don’t think I’ve forgotten you – Egypt is my very next project! Check back in a few days to see what I’ve found. And of course, as always, adventure on!


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