Mist at dawn

Mist at dawn
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving — I know I did! In fact, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays: family fun, the best food of the year, and a mind to be grateful for what you have.

What more can you ask for? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having high hopes for the future, either; and it’s right around now that, if you’ve been a good globetrotter, it might be high time to start writing that holiday wish list.

So, just for fun, here’s what I would ask for from accessible travel Santa — if I could figure out which resort he’s hanging out at!

A New Smartphone: A reliable smartphone is becoming a must-have accessory for the independent world traveler. There are so many new travel apps every month that it would be hard to even catalog them all! Of course, it’s not easy to keep up with the hardware, either; my trusty first-gen Droid is already showing its age, and there are who knows how many apps still to load on! For a good introduction to some of the most useful programs for travel all around Earth, try Best Smartphone Apps for Worldwide Travel. There are bound to be others, too; I’d wish for one that could hail a taxi anywhere in the world, but that seems to be a good ways off. Still, maybe we’ll see one someday!

A Cruise Around the World: Cruise Critic revealed that accessible cruises make up one of the fastest-growing and most welcoming segments of the accessible travel world. Holland America is still renowned as one of the best cruise experiences for disabled travelers, though there are many, many more. And just about every cruise line nowadays has something like the Holland America “Grand Voyage.” The Grand World Voyage is the most incredible of all, including nearly 50 ports of call! Of course, the price is equally astonishing: it ranges from about $19,000 on the low end to a whopping $67,000 for a 112-day round trip. Definitely my fondest travel dream! But I’d settle for …

A Trip to Oxford: Without a doubt my favorite destination, although Stockholm is a close second (I timed my last visit during the three days of summer.) A “quick jaunt” over to Oxford is a pricey prospect, but always rewarding. It’s one of the UK’s most gorgeous destinations, packed with culture; and as one of the world’s very first college towns, practically every building is historic. Although a lot of efforts have been launched to make even the ancient buildings somewhat accessible, Oxford does have a lot of cobblestones. That necessitates careful trip planning for wheelchair users. Browse the Oxford City Guide for more; as you’d expect, there are Oxford posts in our archives.

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! Don’t forget, Disabled Travelers will continue its weekly updates every Friday throughout the whole shebang; my next trip isn’t until January, and I’ll even be posting from the road. So, catch you next week and every week! Happy holidays!


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