Ropojana Valley, Montenegro

Ropojana Valley, Montenegro
Photo by: konikaori (Stock Exchange)

Welcome home to your spot on the web for the best in accessible travel news, Disabled Travelers!

Since December is rushing by already, I thought now would be a great time to have a little chat about what the future holds for our dear blog.

It’s been a wonderful two years running the show here at Disabled Travelers. The blog has almost 200 posts, going all the way back to 2007, and the main site — our ever-growing directory of accessible travel services — has been around nearly ten years!

Wow! As your humble host, I look forward to a fantastic 2012, and here’s how I’m planning to do it …

More for Blind and Deaf Travelers

When folks think of disabled travelers, wheelchair users might be the first to come to mind. Folks with mobility issues do make up a large portion of the accessible travel world, but disabled travelers and their travel companions come in all shapes and sizes. This year, we broke new ground with posts for non-sighted and hearing impaired travel. We’re devoted to the idea that everyone should have safe, enjoyable, independent travel experiences that work for them, and that means more posts for everyone. Can’t wait to explore what hearing and sight-impaired travelers have been up to in 2012!

More Ways for Disabled Travelers to Get Involved

Over the last few weeks I’ve been telling you about new Department of Transportation guidelines that would extend accessible features throughout airline kiosks and, in the long run, ensure that airline websites are easier to use than ever. I’ve encouraged readers to take a look at those guidelines and post a public comment on the Federal Register, which you still can. Accessible travel is becoming a bigger public issue not just every year, but seemingly every month — and the 2012 Olympics will be another high-profile event for disabled travelers. In 2012, I’ll be watching closely for chances for us to chime in.

More Reviews and Interviews for Disabled Travelers

Everyone’s travel experience is different, so I usually shy away from doing product reviews for disabled travelers. One thing I would really love to do, though, is get involved in more conversations with ordinary travelers and the innovators on the disabled travel scene. I’m dropping a line to some of the folks who run the websites we frequently enjoy here at Disabled Travelers, and I really hope we’ll get to chat. Our viewers can get into the act by sending questions or even offering to be the subject of an interview. If you’ve had a travel experience you want everyone to hear about, just let us know.

I’m working to make 2012 the best year yet for Disabled Travelers. Remember, we can’t do it without you! Drop me a line by replying to any comment. I hope you and yours have a great December and a wonderful (early) New Year! We’ll be chatting again next Friday and every Friday right here at the Disabled Travelers blog. Cheers!

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