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“]Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland

Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland
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Hello and welcome to Disabled Travelers!

Today I’d like to take time out to extend a special thanks to those of you who’ve been with us a time.

Our loyal Disabled Travelers readers and their traveling companions have helped us reach a splendid milestone: Our parent site,, is #1 on Google for disability travel searches!

This is a great honor, to be sure, and it has all come about thanks to your patronage.

So, what else is near the top of the list?

Today, we’ll review some of the best disabled travel sites … both the new, and old favorites that have shown up in our access guides over the months. [more]

The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier
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Welcome home to the Disabled Travelers blog!

Chicago is one of the most popular destinations for disabled travelers and their travel companions, and posts about it have always been some of the most popular.

Now that I’ve spent some time taking in the sights, I think it’s a great time to give my impressions on accessible attractions and other amenities in the Windy City.

Here’s a quick summation of my trip and my thoughts. [more]

Sears Tower, Chicago

Sears Tower, Chicago
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Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

As we speak, I’m ramping down from my trip, sorting out the cameras, and making sure everything is re-packed.

I’ll still be in transit for a while longer, so today’s accessible travel post will focus on some general lessons about travel this trip has really highlighted.

This might give you a new view on issues like air travel, disabled hotels, and a few other things disabled travelers and their travel companions are bound to encounter.

So, from me to you, here’s a packet of observations from O’Hare International Airport, Schaumburg, and Chicago. [more]

A view from Chicago

A view from Chicago
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Hello, everybody! Today on Disabled Travelers, a special blog post to let you know what your humble host is up to. Yes, I had expected to do a full-on news post this time around and there are still some things I’d like to share, but first a little tidbit from me to you: I’m traveling to Chicago this week, for the second time in about a month, and that means you can expect a sequel to one of our most popular posts. Let’s quickly review as I pack up … [more]

Panama City

Panama City
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Here at Disabled Travelers, we’ve saved some of the best for last as we coast to the end of our Best Places to Retire series. Today we’re looking at Panama, another great place where a thriving expat community enjoys some delightful perks. As always, though, we have to ask the burning question: what can disabled travelers and their travel companions expect from our latest destination? Let’s find out … [more]

A resort at Puerto Vallarta

A resort at Puerto Vallarta
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

As we approach the end of our CNBC-inspired access guide series on the best places to retire, we find ourselves on the coast of Mexico.

Mexico has gotten some bad press lately due to crime, mainly on the border. You should always keep travel advisories in mind!

But also remember that there are still many areas far removed from those troubles – such as Puerto Vallarta, still one of the most popular resort zones in Mexico and home to a thriving expat community. [more]

Russia is making way for disabled=

Russia is making way for disabled travelers in 2014!
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Hello and welcome one and all to the Disabled Travelers blog.

Our friends out there on the internet know the drill: once a month, we celebrate another set of blog adventures by providing you, the home viewer, with the latest news in accessible travel.

It’s a tradition we’ve had for a while and there’s always something new to report, whether it’s brand new disabled hotels or tips to help you and your travel companions on the next journey.

This month brings us from the desert to the tundra, so let’s get started! [more]

The Miralpeix in Occitania, France

The Miralpeix in Occitania, France
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In today’s Disabled Travelers adventure, we’ll be hitting Languedoc-Roussillon, France, and Le Marche, Italy!

If these locales are new to you, fear not: they were pointed out to us by CNBC’s “Best Places to Retire Outside the U.S.” series, a trail that we’ve been following on the Disabled Travelers blog for the last few weeks.

As DT fans may already know, we’ve passed through both Italy and France on previous trips.

This time, though, we’re zooming in on two of the countries’ “best kept secrets.”

Grab your travel companions and let’s go! [more]

A beach paradise in Costa Rica

A beach paradise in Costa Rica
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As summer rolls on, Disabled Travelers does likewise with our “Best Places to Retire Outside the U.S.” access guide inspired by a similar feature at CNBC. So far, we’ve been headed down the list and have visited Brazil and Argentina.

My impression? Good places to visit, and there are plenty of tour operators with disability-friendly services and itineraries who can help you do it. Best places to retire? Not so sure … but we’re big on optimism here at Disabled Travelers, and the adventure continues today.

Where next? Costa Rica — a tiny Central American republic and center of eco-tourism.


Brazilian beach

Brazilian beach
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

Last week, we checked out accessible travel in Argentina, marking a rare trip to the south for our beloved blog. This time around, we’ll be continuing our “Best Places to Retire Outside the U.S.” series, with a tour of wheelchair accessible accommodations and attractions in that perennial hot spot, Brazil.

Like Argentina, Brazil benefits from an accessible tour package provided by the top-notch disability travel specialists at Accessible Journeys, but I’m willing to bet that’s not all we can discover. Join us for the Brazil access guide, won’t you? [more]